2015-2017  Funded Partners

For nearly 30 years the Children’s Trust Fund has worked on behalf of parents struggling to give their children the best start in life, investing over $10 million in child abuse prevention programs across the state. Last year alone the Children’s Trust Fund made it possible for 46,000 children and families to receive the parenting classes, therapeutic classroom services, and home visits needed to prevent child abuse and neglect. Click the link below to learn which prevention partners we’re supporting in your community.

CTFO Funded Programs 2015-2017

 Here are the types of programs we fund.

HomeVisitingHome visiting programs work with families who are at-risk for adverse childhood experiences, including child maltreatment. Services begin prenatally or right after the birth of a baby. Home visits are individualized to address the unique service and cultural needs of each family. The program helps families build strong bonds between parents and children, teaches parents what to expect of their children at different ages, and also models positive parenting behavior.


ReliefNurseryRelief nurseries provides a unique array of comprehensive family support services that are easily accessible to low-income parents with children up to six years of age. From crisis response, to therapeutic classrooms, to alcohol and drug recovery support, Relief Nursery staff work to keep children in our Oregon safe from abuse and neglect.


Parent support_gradhatParenting education and family support programs help parents strengthen parenting skills, coaches parents on stress management, and provides information on healthy child development through peer-to-peer mentoring, leadership training, and a support hotline. Parenting support and family-centered activities allows parents/caregivers to share their challenges and receive training on how to positively interact with their children. Education classes and activities are community-based and delivered locally for at-risk children and families, making it more accessible to parents seeking support.  

To find a parenting help program in your area, give us a call at (503) 222-7102.