Oregonians Protecting Oregon’s Children

The Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon Foundation relies on generous support from individuals, corporations and foundations to support the work of the Trust Fund.  Your gift directly benefits thousands of children in Oregon by funding child abuse prevention programs across the state. Everyday, children and families in Oregon face overwhelming challenges.  These challenges can too often lead to abusive situations for vulnerable children.

With your help, we can help parents and caregivers find the services, support and parenting education they need to make the best possible choices and avoid the terrible cost of child abuse for their children.


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Giving to the Children’s Trust Fund makes a difference in the life of a child today while also creating a state where fewer children will face the trauma and pain of abuse.

Some examples of how your gift might be put to work:

A gift of $40 supports one parent learning positive, nurturing skills through a local parenting class.

A gift of $80 supports one family receiving home visitations services in order to learn about healthy child development.

A gift of $125 supports therapeutic services for one child enrolled at a relief nursery.

A gift of $385 supports educating 100 new parents about the risks of shaking a baby.

A gift of $870 supports a year of specialized parent education for fathers following their release from incarceration.

Help make a difference in the life of a child today by donating to the Children’s Trust Fund – Because every child deserves the best start in life!


Thanks to an endowment established by the state of Oregon, the administrative costs of the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon are already paid so the maximum amount of donated dollars will support child abuse prevention in Oregon. 

Please join us in our effort to prevent child abuse in Oregon with a gift today.