Keep Kids Safe License Plates

The Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon announces the October release of the non-profit license plate, “Keep Kids Safe.” Oregon citizens are encouraged to purchase the license plate, which will generate a sustainable source of revenue for proven child abuse prevention efforts across Oregon’s 36 counties.

The surcharge for the new Keep Kids Safe License Plate is collected at issuance ($30 for a two-year registration period or $60 for a four-year new vehicle registration period and $30 at each subsequent renewal).

Please contact DMV Customer Assistance to obtain information on the total fees you will need to include when mailing your application or when going into a field office as the surcharge is in addition to other vehicle registration and plate fees.  DMV Customer Assistance: Salem, (503) 945-5000; Portland Area, (503) 299-9999; Bend, (541) 388-6322; Medford, (541) 776-6025; Roseburg, (541) 440-3395; Eugene/Springfield areas, (541) 686-7855; Statewide relay: 7-1-1, or call the local DMV field office. 

KKS_Licens-Plate - small versionThe Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon will manage and allocate the funds from net proceeds of plate sales to every county for proven child abuse prevention programs.

Applications and fees for the Keep Kids Safe License Plate will be accepted at Oregon DMV field offices or through the mail to DMV Headquarters. DMV’s website has information on how to change to a different license plate at: All group plates are mailed to the customer from DMV Headquarters. DMV field offices will not have these plates on hand but can accept the application and fees.

To help you in your process when filling out the application, please check “GROUP” under #14 Plate Type and under “REMARKS,” write in, “KEEP KIDS SAFE” group plate, as seen in the example below.

If you are buying a new car, you may purchase your Keep Kids Safe License Plate through the dealership. No matter how you get your Keep Kids Safe License Plate, your purchase will support Oregon’s children and families. Drive the message home.