Keep Kids Safe License Plates


Change Your Plate and Change a Child’s Life.

You can change child abuse in your community by changing your license plate.  In championing Oregon’s children with the purchase of a Keep Kids Safe license plate, you become a partner in working to erase the problems that lead to abuse and neglect.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW.  In order to keep the Keep Kids Safe License Plate Program as a sustainable source of funding, we must reach our 500 PLATE MINIMUM by OCTOBER 31, 2014.

As a supporter of child abuse prevention services through the Keep Kids Safe plates, a surcharge for your new license plates is collected at issuance ($30 for a two-year registration period or $60 for a 4-year new vehicle registration) and at each subsequent renewal of your car registration.  ALL PROCEEDS FROM YOUR SURCHARGE go directly toward life-saving services for children and families in crisis.  In this way, we are working together to provide every Oregon child with a safe and healthy environment in which to grow.

Will you help make a difference in a child’s life today?  Here’s how…

KKS_Licens-Plate - small version

Purchase Your Keep Kids Safe Plates Today.

  • Download the form (735-268) HERE.
  • Calculate the fees HERE.
  • Select the Keep Kids Safe plate in section 15 of form 735-268 in 1-2-3 Simple Steps as instructed below:
    1. Indicate your “Transaction Type:” by checking whether you are a) registering a new car or renewing expiring tags (“REGISTRATION/RENEWAL”), or  b) simply replacing current plates (“REPLACE PLATE(S)”)
    2. Under “Plate Type:” check “GROUP”   Form picture 1
    3. Under “REMARKS” type or write-in “KEEP KIDS SAFE GROUP PLATE” as shown in the example, at right.
  • Drop off your application and check, cash or money order at a DMV Office Near You
  • Or, drop your application, check or money order in the mail to: DMV Vehicle Mail, 1905 Lana Avenue NE, Salem, OR  97314
  • Buying a new car? Order the plates at the dealership.

Ask Others to Purchase Keep Kids Safe Plates Too.

We know it takes a village to do a lot of things successfully, working to give Oregon children a safe future is just one of them.  Will you rally your village to join in the Change Your Plate and Change a Child’s Life campaign?

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  • Share our PSA and This Page.  Tag 5 Oregon Facebook friends in your post and ask them to Keep Kids Safe, too.  Keep Kids Safe License Plate Public Service Announcement